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US job creation stronger in October

The US economy added a better-than-expected 204,000 jobs in October, despite the 16-day shutdown of some government services last month.

S&P cuts France credit rating to AA

Standard and Poor's cuts France's credit rating again to AA, almost two years after the country lost its top-rated AAA status.

China data adds to recovery hopes

China's exports and imports rise in October, the latest in a series of figures indicating a recovery in its economy.

UK trade gap widens in September

The UK's goods trade deficit was at its widest for almost a year in September, figures from the Office for National Statistics show.

Investment scam targets BBC reporter

Police have launched an investigation into a gang selling fake gold investments after they were exposed by the BBC.

ECB in surprise interest rate cut

The European Central Bank cuts its benchmark interest rate to a record low of 0.25%, down from 0.5%, in a surprise move.

Growth picks up in US economy

The US economy grew at a faster-than-expected annual pace of 2.8% in the third quarter of the year, figures show.

Bank holds rates at record low

The Bank of England holds interest rates at the record low of 0.5% and makes no change to its stimulus programme of quantitative easing.

Strike brings Greece to a halt

Workers in Greece are holding a 24-hour general strike over continuing cuts as international lenders decide whether to unlock further bailout money.

Eurozone data shows fragile growth

New figures on retail sales and purchasing by companies underline that the eurozone's economic recovery remains fragile.


Omega Consulting (Norwich) Ltd,
Registered in England No: 3876001,
Sackville Place,

'A Safe Pair of Hands'

Are we the right people to advise you? Do our attitudes and values fit with yours? Unless you know where we all stand in the financial consultancy marketplace, choosing the right consultant can be difficult.Here then, is what we are and what we proudly stand for:

Independent or Tied?

Very Independent indeed.

Typically, the 'advice' Bank and Building Society employees give is limited; they can only talk to you about products within their own company's range. We believe that this is rarely real advice – except in the sense that you are usually 'advised' to buy something. Doesn't that sound more like selling than advising?

Omega Consulting is an Independent Financial Adviser (IFA). We are fiercely independent; we work only for our Clients, never on behalf of financial institutions. We will always advise clients in their own (not our own) best interests – even if that means advising them to do nothing at all.

We do not, any longer, belong to one of the IFA 'clubs' or 'networks' because we really do not want to have to fit our business model into someone else's construct, or have our client relationships dictated by someone else's idea of what it's 'safe' to say or do. Instead, we are directly authorised by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). So we are beholden to no-one - except our clients. We always try to form long term relationships with clients so that we are there to offer guidance and advice as life situations develop and change. More information on high risk merchant account can be found at this website.

Small or Large?

Small enough to offer a very personal service. Large enough to have a good deal of specialised knowledge and expertise in some of the increasingly complex subjects that make up the Financial Planning world.

We are a Limited Company with 4 fully qualified and highly experienced advisers; at the moment we are 3 men and 1 woman. We have been this size for the past 4 years and because, in the past, we've all worked for large impersonal organisations where administration and systems became more important than clients, we have no plan or desire to 'grow' a great deal.

We just want to keep things as simple as we can - and be good at what we do.


Each of us has more than 15 years experience in advising people across a broad financial spectrum and we would all, as a consequence, regard ourselves as good 'General Practitioners' with a healthy practical knowledge of our subject.

As our legal framework has changed (and continues to change) and as financial services become ever more complicated as a result, we've felt the need to develop some extra individual expertise in areas of capital raising (mortgage & equity release), in retirement planning (pensions & alternative savings) and, perhaps most complex of all, in Investment issues.

We are not unique in believing that acquiring this greater depth of knowledge is essential for the future good of our clients, but you may find our ability to interpret and present the technical in words that are easily understood unusual, and appealing.

Services & Processes

It may be that you have a particular problem or area you need to discuss; just that and no more. If so, we promise to focus our energy on it and not to waste your time discussing all the other areas of financial planning that might be interesting, unless, in the process of gathering information from you, we become aware of some actual or potential danger in your present financial arrangements. If we do, we will flag up a warning (a red flag warning!) but whether you take it up will be entirely in your hands.

It may be that it's just been too long since you last carried out a full financial review; you may be in need of what we call 'a wash & brush up.' Here we'll look at what your goals are in relation to your income, expenditure, assets and liabilities – and then set these in the context of every investment, pension, savings plan, mortgage, loan and life/health insurance protection policy that you already have – to produce a detailed snapshot of how things really are.

Many of our clients live in Norfolk; we can meet face to face. Many more do not, so we operate a thriving and rapidly growing internet enquiry service. Although this is particularly useful for obtaining reduced cost life protection, clients can get advice across the whole range of our expertise.

We understand that financial planning isn't everyone's idea of a good time; but we know that it's important to do it, and to get it right. Whether face to face or electronically, our advice process follows the same tested and logical path. We:

Costs & Charges